I try to be aware as much as I can of what’s going on in the world. It starts with you and if you can influence other people to live well, than its kinda that pay it forward thing.


when all you want is for your favorite character to be happy but all they get to be is dead


Anticipated moviesIf I Stay dir. R.J. Cutler

otp challenge: [4/5] kisses

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Harry Styles + Phoenix, AZ (09/16/14)

"Teach me how to love you so good
our hearts will be beating
against our ribcages
straining to get out. (...)
Heartbreak sounds a lot like
a slamming door.
Show me it doesn’t have to be this way,
I want to be proven wrong.
Teach me how to love right."
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The Vampire Diaries 6x01 “I’ll Remember” Stills

Bonnie + blue (requested by damonselvatore)



Never apologize for your fluency in english.
If you have a different mother tongue, you are under no obligation to know english at all, let alone fluent english.
Never let anyone make you feel bad for not speaking proper english.
Be proud of your mother tongue.
Why should we learn their language when they mock and refuse to learn our own.